About Us

The founder of WhistleDrop is a dad with a college-aged daughter who had an a-ha moment when he realized that kids who are starting school and out on their own for the first time have a lot on their minds – classes, exams, internships, friends, jobs, dating, sorority and fraternity commitments and so much more. The last thing they want to do is fit in shopping trips. He also knew that parents worry about how well kids will care for themselves without Mom or Dad there.  

He created WhistleDrop to solve these problems with a modern solution: keep college students from running out of essential hygiene products while away from home with a monthly delivery of everything they need to stay clean and fresh. Parents love it because it keeps their kids stocked up and focused on studies. Students love it because they skip stores and save their spending money.  

A special aspect of the WhistleDrop service is that each box is packed with care through AbilityFirst, an organization that creates work programs for adults with disabilities or special needs.  The WhistleDrop team is committed to creating a purposeful business with a community focus.